4 Jun '14

Create Art with Beans! #DIY #WallArt

seed-art9 This is Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom! I was grocery shopping the other day and stopped short in the bean aisle.  An idea came to mind and I started adding bags of beans to my cart.  The hubby asked if I was making soup. Ummm….no.  I’m thinking crafts!  He shrugged and moved on.  He knows me well enough to know that I love to create with unusual things.  After all, nobody is allowed to throw away TP tubes or pickle jars in my house.  So it isn’t a stretch to create art with beans!


 Want to know how to make this cute Coffee and Tea wall art with beans?

For this project I used:

Black Beans
White beans
White glue
Acrylic Paint in black
(2 ea.) 9 x 12 canvases
Clear Acrylic Sealant


Begin by drawing out your silhouettes.  I drew a coffee cup and the work “Coffee” on one canvas.  Just the outline is all you need, and if it is easier, you could use a stencil to make the lettering.  Just remember that the beans are about 1/4″ wide.


On the other canvas, I drew an outline of a teapot and the word “Tea”.


I then painted everything that was going to be covered with black beans with the black acrylic paint.  I did this so that when the beans are placed, the white canvas will not show around the edges of the beans.


Now the fun part.  Add glue to a small section of the black, and start placing the beans.

seed-art6 Cover all your black areas with black beans, adding glue as you go.


Allow the one canvas to dry and fill in the black beans on the second canvas.


Finish both canvases by filling in the white areas with white beans.  Use black acrylic paint to paint the edges of the canvas to give it a finished look, and then be sure to coat the entire project in clear acrylic sealant.


And there you have it!  I love the texture of this piece!  I’m actually thinking about a more detailed project using some of the other colored beans….



This is a great projects for little hands too! Use a coloring book to draw out silhouettes on canvas and have the kids take over with paint and beans.  I’m betting they come up with something amazing!

suzys-sitcom-150-tutorials Suzy’s Sitcom features arts, crafts and humor, with a specialty in vintage and recycled crafts; and currently hosts over 150 detailed original DIY and craft tutorials.  Join the fun!


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  1. It sure will Jay and what a great project to do together. Be sure to send us pictures of what you make. We would love to feature it :)

  2. This came out great! This will make a fun project for my little one and I to do together.
    Jay @ Life of Creed recently posted…Tama Hills Recreation AreaMy Profile

  3. Thank you Christina. We are pretty proud of it. If you do make it please share pictures we would love to see it :)

  4. Thank you Ellen. Suzy is amazing and I am so proud she is part of our ACS Team :) Thank you for stopping by.

  5. I love this! That’s super cute.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Decoupaged Metal Watering CanMy Profile

  6. THIS IS STUNING! I’m so doing this! And sharing!
    Christina recently posted…Family Fun with Big G Cereal MoviesMy Profile

  7. These are so cool looking. I will have to make some for my kitchen.
    tara pittman recently posted…Get A Free Bottle Of PURE PREMIUM YACON SYRUP FROM LIFE & FOODMy Profile

  8. 12:54 PM 07/01/2014

    It really is Amy! So much imagination I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Please share :)

  9. This really is such a fun project! What fun these would be to hang in the kitchen. I could even have my boys help make them. :) Thank you for sharing at The Creative Exchange.

  10. I hope it does Steph! Suzy is a crafting wonder woman :)

  11. 4:46 PM 06/12/2014

    WOW ! That looks amazing. This may go on out todo list. Thanks for sharing!

  12. 10:24 AM 06/06/2014

    Thank you Nanci. I think its such a neat project and perfect for so many rooms. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. 10:23 AM 06/06/2014

    Thank you Suzie is amazing :) Thanks for stopping by.

  14. 10:23 AM 06/06/2014

    Great idea for kids. I know it gets crazy with them home but most love art so good luck :)

  15. 10:22 AM 06/06/2014

    Sometimes we need to stay out of trouble and keep our hands busy. Thank you for stopping by.

  16. 10:21 AM 06/06/2014

    Hi Jen, Suzy is definitely amazing. That’s why we love her :) So glad you loved them. I hope you try it :)

  17. 10:20 AM 06/06/2014

    haha at Idiot Proof. I too have lots of beans and italian haha :) Thanks for stopping by

  18. 10:19 AM 06/06/2014

    Hi Holly. Thanks for stopping by. Suzy is amazing. I need one for my kitchen too :)

  19. 10:18 AM 06/06/2014

    Aww Thanks Marie. Suzy is amazing and when I first saw it I thought the same thing so many memories when we used to use all kinds of colored beans and pop corn :) Thanks for stopping by

  20. 10:16 AM 06/06/2014

    Dawn that would be perfect :) Thank you so much for stopping by

  21. Love this idea! My sister in law is making an in home cafe, I’m sharing this with her :)

  22. Marie
    2:16 PM 06/05/2014

    Just had to comment. Many long years ago, when art supplies were costly, we made pictures with split peas, popping corn, lentils, rice, barley, and of course all the beans. Your current project brought back many memories.

  23. 10:21 AM 06/05/2014

    I really love this idea- would be awesome in my kitchen! Thanks for sharing! :)

  24. Great idea. It looks idiot proof which makes it perfect for me! I’m not artistically inclined outside of remedial PicMonkey. We’re a household with a Mexican last name, so- beans shouldn’t ever be a problem. =) Blessings~

  25. 12:36 AM 06/05/2014

    I am IN LOVE with these! Beautiful, creative and so fun to make! Yours look amazing!!!! I am so impressed you thought this up!
    Jen recently posted…EASY Key Lime Honey Almond Granola Fruit SaladMy Profile

  26. Well this looks like this would keep me busy and out of trouble for a while. Then I would end up with beautiful artwork as well. Thanks for a great project.

  27. That is a really good idea.. Thanks for the idea so maybe the kids wont be so bored as school winds down.

  28. norene
    3:01 PM 06/04/2014

    I must say they came out really nice.

  29. nanci
    1:52 PM 06/04/2014

    I absolutely LOVE this!

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