Free Zippo Lighter from Marlboro (First 2,500)

zippo-lighters- Mark your calenders: Every MONDAY through 6/16/13, Marlboro is giving away 2,500 FREE Zippo lighters.

Easy to score:

  1. Sign in
  2. Check under  ”my offers” claim your Free Zippo Lighter from Marlboro 

Those who qualify will see an offer for a FREE lighter. Once all 2,500 have been claimed for that day, the offer will show up the following Monday.

Please allow 12-14 weeks

Thanks, CC


  1. says

    Hi Felix,
    Unfortunately I can’t order it for you you must try yourself. There is a pageon the Marlboro site where you can request your password to be sent to you :) I also took the liberty of editing your comment taking out your home address. :) Have a great night..Laura

  2. Felix Torres says

    I receive coupons and everything from Marlboro I just can’t find my I.d. number you could look me up my name is Felix T… I would like a free zippo lighter …Thank You Very Much….

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