**HOT** New Zip Codes Added for NCP!! If your accepted you get a FREE Scanner Use it to teach your Children while your earning great Rewards!!

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National Consumer Panel Home Scan back and is now accepting applicants–These spots fill up quickly!! Apply now! If your accepted you will be sent a home scanner which you will use to scan the barcodes of items :) It’s Fun!! Using the scanner is how you earn points which you can redeem for some great name brand products and prizes! This will also help you to stay organized in 2012…why? Because you get a scanner and you earn points…So you can track your spending and what your family purchases…They also send you out Great Gifts I have received a tote bag and a few other goodies :)

NCP always fills up fast and if you want to get in YOU need to apply :) You will be accepted or declined based on your age, family, area and more. If you don’t get accepted, try again next month! Don’t stop trying …Your needed to help shape our world and they way we buy :) Even if you have been denied before keep trying …took me a bit to get in but was soo worth it :)

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